Purdey will never forget the leather boots of her childhood!

They came back in force on TF 1. They are the three heroes of “The Avengers”: Patrick Macnee (John Steed), Joanna Lumley (Purdey), and Gareth Hunt (Gambit). All three told us about extraordinary adventures...

Very confident, aiming well, fighting like a man, Purdey is once again the darling of millions of viewers. Take a closer look at her in the next episode of “The Avengers”. You will see… Purdey is even more beautiful, more fun, more elegant than you could imagine. Yes, the role of Purdey fits the kind Joanna Lumley like a glove. Besides, she never hesitates to say that she was born to play in this great television series.

Joanna Lumley: “Bowler hats and leather boots know me very well… Since my childhood! A childhood I spent in Kashmir, my homeland, where my father was there as part of the military. Serious as a pope, he neglected no detail to be a perfect soldier. Dad was always dressed to the nines. Like a real British soldier has to be around the clock. In the morning, he was always the first to get up to "occupy" the bathroom for almost an hour. Which sometimes got my mother in all sort of trouble. Was she afraid of losing this overly elegant husband? I don't think so ... But when things got really funny, it was when he put on his ... leather boots. Dad couldn't stand the slightest stain, the slightest dust on his boots. And if he did, he didn't hesitate to… polish his boots himself. Big deal! He was far too clumsy to get through his troubles without smearing himself with shoe polish. With my sisters, I couldn't help but giggle as he saw the extent of the damage before getting angry. No, I will never forget the leather boots of my childhood. In fact, at home, I keep one of my father's pairs of boots. Like that, for no obvious reason. Maybe it's just to remember from time to time my very happy childhood...

“With me, everything is also about happiness. By the time I was 17, I had had enough of wasting my time in school. I then launched into life. I started out as a model and cover girl before trying my luck in cinema and theater. And that's how I worked with Telly Savalas and Diana Rigg (in a James Bond) before I was contacted by the producers of "The Avengers". They noticed that I played several sports: tennis, swimming, volleyball, fencing, archery, horse riding, motorcycling. Threw out exactly the kind of good woman they needed. For my part, I found their proposals very interesting. Thanks to them, I was able to meet two amazing guys: Patrick and Gareth. With this soap opera, we obviously have a lot of work to do. But when I'm given time to breathe a bit, I don't hesitate to indulge in my favorite sport at the moment: motorcycling. A sport that I never do without first wearing beautiful… leather boots.”

Enigmatic John Steed

John Steed is probably the most… resilient man in the world. Here is a guy who works fifteen hours a day without having time to take a day off. If “The Avengers” has become such a success, it's a safe bet that it is in large part because of him. However, he admits that he hesitated for a short time when deciding whether to continue with this prestigious televised series.

“I've been…John Steed for 17 years now. It's a famous role. Not long ago, I left for America to shoot “Sherlock Holmes”. There, producers came to revive me so that I could shoot a new series of “The Avengers”. I hesitated and then thought to myself… that this role could not be given to another actor. John Steed is me, period.

“What's more, we always have a great time with Joanna and Gareth. At the end of each episode, we organize an outing to the best restaurants in Paris or London. Joanna knows a thing or two about small dishes, I like wine, and Gareth always opens his wallet to pay the bill. Ah! Gareth is really generous when he has had a drink too much...

“Unlike Purdey, I'm not a big athlete. There is only one branch where I feel very strong: golf. A sport where you have to appeal as much to your intelligence as to your physical qualities. I forgot ... I defend myself very well with an umbrella. The most terrible of combat weapons. As all viewers know…”

By Sympathetic Gambit

For the past few months, Gambit has had only one dream: to become a very big singing star. Gambit has been preparing for this role since he was a child. Gambit: "This is an old dream that I am going to make a reality..."

“Critics have compared my voice to that of Frank Sinatra!!! First of all, I would like to conquer France. It’s a country where we appreciate good singers. What I am more than likely… But “The Avengers” leaves me very little time to exercise my voice.”

If he had listened to those around him, Gareth Hunt probably would never have become a comedian. No, he would be a police officer in London today. “One of my teachers thought I sucked in everything. She then advised me — given my large size — to enter the police, where I could render service to the nation. And a little later, so I went to the police. By becoming the companion of John Steed and Purdey…”

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