John Steed: "Without these Injections I’m a Wreck"

Things were not going well for actor Patrick Macnee, alias Avenger John Steed. "If Dr. Stephan and I had not met, I would now be a wreck," he says.

Everyone knows Patrick Macnee faithfully visits the London physician Dr. Peter Stephan. There he gets an injection of animal cells - as he calls it "creating a new man." John Steed from the series The Avengers is now brimming with energy.

He tells Story: "I am fifty-six and feel young again, like a twenty year old. I do things that I could not do for a long time. I play tennis daily for two hours, my blood pressure is back to normal and my knees are not nearly as stiff, to name a few things."

Patrick Macnee contacted Dr. Stephan when his best friend Jack Hawkins died. He was one of the greatest actors of our time," Patrick says softly. "He had beautiful, deep voice. As long as I knew him, he always had a glass of gin in one hand and a cigarette in the other. He destroyed his own body. Therefore no one was really surprised when we heard that he had throat cancer. But after the operation, during which they removed part of his throat, he continued drinking gin and smoking. He could not resist. I could make a whole list of men who were as old as I am and are already deceased. Mostly from heart ailments because they could not handle the fast tempo of life today." Patrick Macnee didn’t feel very good a year ago, either. During shooting of The Avengers, he was sometimes exhausted, and dragged himself along with difficulty. Moreover, he was too heavy. The actor says that a fellow gave him the address of Dr. Stephan who lives in London's famous Harley Street. This doctor treats his patients with animal cells.

Dr. Stephan says, "Nowadays people take live life too fast--uppers, drugs or sleeping pills. That is very bad because these products destroy the human body if consumed to excess. One gets a lift for a short time, but then it passes. Young people take these pills over time, and wind up in the condition of an elderly woman."

Dr. Stephan explains the treatment the gives Patrick Macnee as simply as possible. "I study the patient very carefully. Cell by cell. Healthy cells reproduce themselves, just as happens with young people. Unhealthy cells do not and then cause for problems. The cells of unborn lambs in this syringe improve the cells in the body and give it energy."

The greatest example of this successful treatment is Patrick Macnee. Dr. Stephan discovered the actor's blood pressure was low, his liver and kidneys were in bad condition. His energy was at a low ebb and he struggled to keep pace mentally and physically with his young colleagues Gambit (Gareth Hunt) and Purdey (Joanna Lumley). "But now it’s easy," says Macnee. "Really, I'm totally amazed by it. I’m able to do more and be more heroic.”

"Patrick Macnee is not the only famous patient Dr. Stephan has had. He has also treated Sir Winston Churchill, President De Gaulle, Sir Charles Chaplin and Gloria Swanson and Marlene Dietrich regularly get an injection from Doctor Stephan: "Unfortunately, the treatment is still very new but I am convinced it will be improved in the future. It is so expensive because there are few doctors who do it and, sometimes I spend three hours working with one patient."

Patrick Macnee says, "If I had not had this revolutionary treatment, I would now probably be a wreck. Of course, you also can do a lot yourself. For example, do not drink alcohol...You know, when I was young I always thought, I will not grow old. With age came infirmities. Now I meet patients of Dr. Stephan who are seventy, eighty years old. I hope to live to be so old. Because if you’re healthy, you can still have a wonderful life!"

With thanks to Denis of Steedumbrella for the translation. (Back to Patrick Macnee articles)