Mystery Involving a Bed Scene in The New Avengers: “Will Purdey fall for Gambit in the end?”

Of course everyone knows the beautiful Purdey and the tough Gambit, the two young assistants of John Steed in the popular TV series The Avengers. Their cool and hidden away love for each other is well known to the viewers by now. The two clearly have feelings for each other, but so far there have been no signs of any romantic scenes. However, in the new series this will change. "I want to get rid of Purdey's cool image," she recently told our English correspondent. "In the new series I'll of course still handle guns and give karate kicks, because that's what it's all about, but you'll get to see another side of Purdey as well. A girl of flesh and blood, who's capable of falling in love. So far a few bed scenes have been shot. Nothing vulgar, but really beautifully shot. Is it Gambit who gets me there? I'm not going to tell. Let's keep the suspense going a little while longer."

So far we've seen re-runs of the previous series. Soon we'll get to see the first episodes of the new series, for which filming is still taking place in London. So will Purdey eventually fall for Gambit, or will she have a romantic adventure with another boy? For now that question will remain unanswered. The truth is that off-set, the two get along really well. "He's become a very close friend of mine, but there's no romantic involvement. I've been through too much in my life to want to get involved with anyone right now. For now I'm enjoying my freedom far too much."

With thanks to Philippa for the translation. (Back to articles "About the Show")